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    A proud division of


    We are dedicated in encouraging inclusivity in our communities. As a business with a conscience, we strive to bring about social change in communities within the seven spheres of influence - in Education, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Health & Wellbeing, Family & Faith, Business and lastly, Government.

    Mind Space uses a multi-faceted business model to generate revenue to achieve financial sustainability - all profits generated are used to fuel our social cause and pave our way to help achieve our mission.

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About Us

A Proud Division of Mind Space


Delivering a new tomorrow

MindCorp provides a range of integrated learning management and leadership development programs for organizations to develop leaders to discover strengths, skills, talent and manage change with a unique approach to help deliver a sustainable organizational growth. 

MindCorp aims to inspire organizations to spread social responsibility among their stakeholders through Learning & Development.

MindSpace is an initiative that uses businesses to generate both profit and contribution towards building and creating a positive community change. Through MindCorp, our corporate division, we aspire to be the catalyst in enabling organisations to join us by starting their efforts within their own environment. 



Our Vision

To be the force behind transforming the community to improve lives through continuous learning.

Our Mission

To provide the industry with leading-edge learning and development solutions by delivering innovative and effective learning experiences with professionalism, commitment and passion.


We believe that greater outcomes are achieved through collaborative efforts, and we are committed to establishing and nurturing sustainable partnerships to achieve our vision.